Product: Cold Oil Press FX15

Cold Oil Press FX15

Motor power: 0.75 kW

Power connection: 230 V / 50 Hz Also available in other voltages upon request.

Processing capacity: up to 15 kg / h

Including nozzle set consisting of 9 nozzles and 2 nozzle attachments for setting the press cake diameter

Specially hardened screw press for long-term use, which even meets the high demands of the pharmaceutical industry

Parts in contact with the product made of specially processed stainless steel

High energy efficiency through drive via spur gear

Extremely smooth running thanks to the axial and radial bearing unit between the gear unit and the press units

All machine parts can be cleaned quickly and optimally (e.g. in the dishwasher or with warm water and soapy water)


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The electric cold oil press FX15 can process up to 15 kg/h of soft raw oil seeds, such as canola seeds or sunflower seeds. This is suitable for professional use in a oil mill, farmers shop or organic market with the aim of producing high quality cold pressed vegetable oils and it has been designed for continuous operation.

What can be pressed?

Soft oil seeds like canola seeds and sunflower seeds.

What material is the oil press made of?

The press unit of this oil press is made of hardened stainless steel.

What distinguishes this oil press?

This cold oil press is compact and can be easily integrated into larger facilities. It should ideally work in series with other presses to process one type of oil, which makes it more efficient than single-press operations that are common among small producers who lack access to multiple machines. The energy efficient design makes this machine very cost effective, only consuming 10 watts per kg!

What are the advantages of the linear design of the oil press?

These oil presses are designed to conserve the bearings and engine, all without excessive noise or energy loss. Thanks to their large dimensioning of both axial and radial bearing units, they also achieve a very long service life with no wear issues.

Is this oil press suitable for pressing different oil seeds?

No, just for single oil seeds as we are setting the gear parameters. This oil press does not come with a frequency inverter and speed can not be changes. We recommend the FX20 or FX40 oil press for pressing different oil seeds.

Is this a good entry-level oil press?

This oil press only lets you adjust the feed screw and gap. Adjustments like speed of the oil press or temperature are not available on this model. We recommend it for soft seeds when you have a chance to manually heat up, such as with a blow dryer.

Additional information

Weight35 kg
Dimensions87 × 26 × 43 cm

230 Volt

Leistung Elektromotor

0,75 kW


Edelstahl und speziell gehärtetes Edelstahl an produktberührenden Teilen


bis zu 15 kg pro Stunde

Zubehör inklusive:

9 Pressdüsen und 2 Pressdüsenaufsätze, Werkzeug, Handbuch


Weiche Saaten wie zum Beispiel: Raps, Sonnenblumenkerne, Kürbiskerne, Mohn


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