Extruder – Soybean extruder – animal feed extruder – fish feed extruder – SE500


electric power: 55 kW

raw material processing: 500 kg/h

Lieferzeit: 40 working days


Product description

Prepare first-class animal feed, fish feed or Food with the technology of Extrusion. The extrusion of raw materials increase the positive characteristics of the raw material by mechanical and thermal processing in the extruder. The raw material is first mechanically crushed to obtain a well-digestible structure. At the end of the process, the material structure is broken up, the surface and the nutrition accessibility increases.

The raw materials breaks down under pressure (around 40 bar) and high temperatures (100°C – 150°C) mechanically and thermally. Therby the raw material dehydrates, gets sterilized and emerge from the extruder. At the outlet, a pressure gradient arises and the structure changes for positive effects.

Extruded animal feed is easier to digest than conventional animal feed. Fish feed would not sink on the ground and for food applications the texture is key for new products and innovations. The short-term extrusion process preserves enzymes and vitamins. It will destroy harmful microflora und other undesirable ingredients.

The construction of the extruder is very space-saving, adaption in existing processes easy and it can be configurated for your needs. Designed for 24/7 continuous operation, energy-efficient and high-output rate. For extrusion, various screws are available, which serve the purpose of your product. Please get in contact with us to get more information.

Additional information

Dimensions175 × 175 × 160 cm